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08 July 2008 @ 09:12 pm

sweating problem .. i put tissue in my shirt. under my armpit. 
in front of class picture for my training class they told me to get down in front, of course i had to roll around like an idiot and the t paper fell out of my
try to explain THAT 

ok ok so heres the situation..
i think we're all going through a quarter life crisis.
i dont ever want to leave tacoma. then i want to move anywhere. 
i hate the phone but i love the people in it. 
heres the thing with the phone
in person being awkward is so much more comfortable than over the phone. 
i'm so good at being a bad friend. i do hate that. i dont enjoy it. just know that. 

i want to sell my car, i want to quit my job when i'm not there and my pookster bear moved away last week and i'm severly depressed because of her moving. i'm drained from not having passion i dont even have the tinyest.. ((sp..elling...?)) passion to chase after any sort of passion. YI!
and to find ohhh to find the meaning of the cross and UNDERSTAND it and to actually live on "that side" instead of giving sin so MUCH control over my life but not abusing GRACE and understanding i will never be perfect but that doesnt excuse my addictions and temptations and ohhh goodness this can sometimes get so tricky!
and this distance between us.. i dont understand how people can live everyday like this. iiiiiiii

the horror of life sometimes. 

Rachellepxrxcx on July 9th, 2008 06:24 am (UTC)
we're all working on climbing to the top of the lighthouse. just remember instead of getting frustrating by how many flights of stairs are left, glance below and see how many you've walked.

you're awesome at being you Kelly and as long as you continue to be open to learning and changing and following God, you'll do great!

i love you dearly and am always here for you.