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24 September 2008 @ 09:12 pm
lindy got married, moved out. cathy moved back in.
this time i wont mess up :o)

two weeks ago i got transferred back from the ticket counter to reservations (NOT by choice) ..last week i called in three times, this week another three.. yesterday management called me in, asked me whats going on. i told them i'm miserable and i hate it there. wed is my last day for 3 months ifffffff idont find anything better i'll go back to alaska even though i'm pretty dependent on the flights.

so i'm sort of freaking out cause i dont have another job.
i just wanna make coffee and listen to music all day long.
yikesssssssss. my dreams!

i've realized t9 has made it so i dont know how to spell anymore. so i apologize.
God is distant and i've been running away and this life is insane when i'm not ..obsessed with Him. i dont know why i'm choosing the things i am and its.
a mess.